Why more property sellers are choosing Ozway

So why are so many more property sellers choosing to sell with Ozway?

Ozway head office provides its local area agent members with the full administration support platform. Now what that means to you, is it frees them up to be able to service their buyers and sellers better, giving better service; ultimately better experiences.

You see Ozway agent members get to keep 100% of their sales commissions, and then the agents only pay the head office a small flat administration service fee once your property is settled. This means that the buyer and seller are dealing with a real estate professional who doesn’t have very high expenses and overheads each month, putting pressure on them to do deals that maybe have a focus or attention more on just putting a deal together. Instead they get to focus on looking after their buyers and sellers.

You see the difference between making a sale, and getting the highest possible price, can be very significant. In fact, what we’ve found is when we’ve been able to track a property that was being sold by another company, and they failed to sell it, and then they came across and tried the Ozway approach, they’re able to achieve between 3.28% up to 16.08% more than the best offer they were given with the other agent, right after that property had already been exposed to the current market.

Now we weren’t advertising or doing anything different in that regard, but our marketing approach, and the agents being freed up to be able to focus on taking care of a higher volume of buyers, makes the big difference at the end of the day.

3% to 18% might not sound like very much, but when we’re looking at a million dollar property, that can be anywhere from $30,000 up to $180,000 difference, so it’s significant.

By being able to deliver such a high result for our property sellers, we become free for them, and that’s our objective – is to make sure that by generating more buyer enquiry from each campaign, and then managing those buyers and taking good care of them to make sure they have a great experience, but also making sure they’re getting the right service, mainly because the agents aren’t having to focus on doing the administration and support side of their business, because head office at Ozway takes care of that for them.

That enables each property seller to get presented with higher offers, which leads to a better selling price, making our services free, and more enjoyable.

We look forward to showing you how our Ozway local agents can help you sell your property some time soon.



Barry Liddle, founder and CEO of Ozway Realty.