Why keep building someone else’s business when you are already busy running your own?

Graham Ball Top Performing Agent Leaves Biggest Brand to Join Ozway

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Ozway empowers you to do what you do best…list and sell property!

Focus on your business, build relationships, help buyers and sellers reach their dreams and let Ozway take care of the back end for you with everything you expect from a real estate office.

Our membership also supports you with access to:

+ Realestate.com.au,

+ Domain.com.au,

+ RP-Data or PriceFinder;

+ Reception and secretarial services;

+ Advertising management;

+ Hosting your property listings;

+ Managing marketing,

+ Trust account management,

+ Compliance staff and everything you need to deliver a premium service.


To start your own traditional real estate company with just the subscriptions would cost over $66,000pa or $5,500pm.

Plus you would need at least one staff member to manage these for you which would cost you in two ways:

1.) Salary $60,000pa to $80,000pa

2.) Your time – You have to know how to hire good people, train them and manage them. This can be the most expensive part because it can easily become a distraction from you focusing on the dollar productive tasks like listing and selling. Especially if they need a day off or cannot work for any reason.

With Ozway supporting you to run and build your own business, your monthly membership fees are just $550 per month in your first year and this includes all these subscriptions plus you have our amazing team (based right here at head office in Surry Hills) who manage these subscriptions for you and act like your very own personal administration assistants.

All this for $550 per month in the first year and a flat transaction fee each time you settle a property.

This is how you set yourself up for success.

In most real estate models, agents are committed to multiple sales per month, with unfair commission structures while building someone else’s business, the incentives don’t make sense!

With Ozway you’ll experience personal support with a dedicated team to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.


Essentially we help FREE up your time so you can make more sales and most importantly enjoy time with loved ones.


Say you sold 40 properties resulting in $500,000 gross commissions.

Powered by Ozway, you’d bank over $445,000. This is around 90%** you get to bank and you’ll know it’s real when it hits your bank account.

Under other models, you would get around $200,000 for the same amount of listings found, listed and sold.

4 sales a month with Ozway is the equivalent of more than 8 sales under traditional real estate models. Think about this. How much effort do you need to put in to find, list and sell a property? Even if you got 1 to 2 of your listings handed to you each month from being in a “Big Brand” group or established office (which is very rare) you would still be losing out.

You are the brand. People list with you, not your company.

Over a 10 year period, you would save an additional $2.5 million more with Ozway, be building your own brand and you’ll finally be able to grow your financial security to your desired levels faster.

Why keep building someone else’s business when you are already busy running your own?

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* The example provided states 40 sales equaling $500,000 in Gross selling fees (Average selling fee of $12,500). Ozway charges $500 + GST per month in the first year and charges a flat administration fee on each settlement.

If your average selling price was say $1,200,000 and your average selling fee was 2%, your average gross selling fee would be $24,000. Based on these figures the agent would be banking around 94% of the gross revenue you bring in. Say you sold an average of 3 properties per month over a 12 month period, in this example your gross revenue would be $864,000 and you would bank around $811,000 (after Ozway fees) plus you will have the ability to build your very own rent roll using our breakthrough rental partnering support platform.

If you don’t sell a listing, you don’t pay for the people services we provide you. This is really important. It means we have a variable cost structure unlike traditional business models where you would have a fixed cost structure.

** 90% is based on $16,000 gross selling commission and is calculated after expenses. This is the REAL KEEP PERCENTAGE to the agent who finds, lists and sells the property (after all Ozway fees).