Are you thinking of selling your property but unsure whether to sell first or buy first? Or are you still some months away from being ready to sell?

Some people we speak with don’t want to put their property on the market until after they have found another property to buy or until they are really ready to find a buyer now.

Obviously they don’t want to sell and have nowhere to go. This could result in buying under pressure or doing a double move and renting a property until the right place comes up for sale.

There is another option.

We call this service the Silent Listing Register and can help you avoid being caught out by expensive bridging loans or a bigger mortgage than expected if your own property
doesn’t sell for as much as you were hoping for.

In fact many people we speak with who have previously bought first and then sold often report selling for much less than they originally thought due to having to sell under pressure. The amounts reported can vary anywhere from 5% to 15% less than expected and depending on the value of your property and your financial situation, this can be financially devastating.

Some of the worst outcomes of buying first and selling for less is the financial stress that can put you several years behind in your retirement plans or even worse, relationship breakdowns.

To register for this program, simply let us know what your current property is like so we can inform you of any buyers in the market that may be suitable for your property.