Interviewer:  Have you ever sold a property before?  If so, how many times?

Jack:  We’ve sold four properties previously.

Interviewer: Right, what have your previous experiences been like with real estate agents?

Maxine:  Not particularly good, we’ve had a couple of bad experiences and we’ve been very disappointed.

Jack:  Well they promised things they didn’t follow through with and in the end the price they said, one in particular, said you’ll get ‘x’ and the day before the auction they said no, no, you won’t get ‘x’ because there’s a block of flats and the road is narrow.
We said hang on, the road has always been narrow and the block of flats has always been there so why did you say we’d get ‘x’?

They couldn’t answer that.  Will you accept…we said no.

They said well what are you going to do, you’ve already bought somewhere else, I said well I don’t know but were not selling at that price.

Well its not very good practice because you cant trust them, they tell you one thing and they tell the buyers something else, you don’t know and your stuck.

Interviewer:  How was your experience better with Ozway?

Maxine:  It was wonderful. That’s all I can say, they understood that we did not want to go to auction if we could help it and they made the process so easy.

The buyers came and we were more than happy to have it resolved well before the auction was due to take place.

Jack:  They Kept us informed all the time what was happening, how many buyers, what their attitude was, what the comments were, it was a great experience.

Interviewer:  In your opinion how did Ozway help you get more?

Jack:  Well, because the address wasn’t advertised, people had to make contact rather than just turn up for an open for inspection and they could gage their capacity and reaction, things like that.

Interviewer:  What would you say to a friend or family member thinking of  selling?

Jack:  We would recommend Ozway Realty whole heartedly.

Maxine:  We were very happy.

Interviewer:  Why would you say that, recommend them?

Jack:  Because A.  We got a really good price
B.  They were very easy to deal with, anytime I wanted or needed to talk to them they were available.

Interviewer:  What are the two main benefits Ozway offered that you didn’t see other agents offering?

Jack:  Well the first one was, we’d spoken to them maybe six months ago and we’d spoken to a few other agents about the same time, and Ozway were the only ones that kept in touch.

The pre-checking of people and making them contact the agent, then they could vet them a bit more and find out what they were expecting and they understood the price and what was being offered rather than just an address to walk in whenever you want to.

All the inspections were pre-ordered and they knew basically how many were coming and then told us so that way there were no real surprises.

Maxine: And also the fact that people knew what to expect when they were coming, they weren’t coming to look at a low priced unit and therefore we only got people who were genuinely interested and not the twenty or so people who were just coming for a look. So that impressed me.

Interviewer:  Was Ozway worth their selling fee and why?

Maxine:  Very much so and also the other thing I really liked was they don’t believe in spending a lot of money and every other agent we’d gone to was suggesting quite a few thousand dollars for advertisements.

We got more than we were expecting, so I was very happy.

Jack:  We would recommend Ozway to any of our acquaintances who were thinking of selling.  As a matter of fact, I’ve already given them one lead.