After 21 years in the real estate business
and having helped over 2,000 families.
We have developed strategic automated
marketing systems that targets potential buyers
without the sellers having to pay a fortune in

Most sellers hate paying commission let alone
the huge amount of advertising on top of it.
By the way, most adverting agents recommend mainly
helps them find more people interested in selling
(more business) not buyers for your property.

We made a conscientious decision sometime ago
to invest in the best systems available in Australia
and overseas.

Although the initial outlay for our business was huge.
It is now paying off by saving our clients money and
getting fantastic results.

Our clients are so happy they are our best fans.
In the below reference from a $3.1m sale at Manly
we saved our client $23,000 compared to what
other agents were recommending to be
necessary to sell.

If you would like to have a quick chat about
your next property sale, please fell welcome
to call me for a no-obligation over the phone
property sales report on 1300 307 239

Warm Regards,

Peter Ozerskis

Dear Peter,

45 Stuart St, Manly
45 Stuart St, Manly

Thank you for attention and professionalism in selling my home at 45 Stuart Street Manly.

It was a great result with very little advertising.

Although the property didn’t sell on auction day it did sell for a price we were happy with.

A lot of agents calculate advertising costs at around 1% of the expected sale price and on $3.1m this would have been $31,000.

Our advertising costs were only a little over $8,000 thanks to your experience and advice, saving us over $21,000.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone wishing to sell or buy real estate.

Yours Sincerely

Nic Ellis