My name is Ellis Reuben, I live in Sydney and I used Ozway Realty as my real estate agent to sell a property in Surry Hills.

There were three actual realistic buyers once the first open occurred we found a genuine buyer almost immediately.  And you know they are genuine buyers because if they arrange a strata inspection search, which is quite expensive, they’re genuine buyers.

I have dealt with property a lot, my family has quite a substantial property portfolio and so I understand how real estate agents operate and in my view
Ozway Realty did a very good job.

They related to me what was happening in terms of inspections that had occurred.  They kept me informed when there were potential buyers. They negotiated with potential buyers directly even though I am a solicitor, he didn’t require me to deal with the negotiation and I was very happy with the end result because there was a small problem with the property which surfaced just before we were about to exchange contracts.

My previous experience in selling property is that most real estate agents require you to go to auction and they require a large amount of expense for advertising and in the case of Ozway Realty, cost was by far more reasonable and in all I am extremely pleased with the end result and I will use them again.

The main benefit in using Ozway Realty was that there was a substantial saving in advertising costs.  They did not try to persuade me to drop the price to below market which I appreciated.

Its different using private treaty situation because my experience has always been when you intend to go to auction the agent always talks your property up and then just prior to the auction if they have any interested buyers, they immediately talk about the defects of your property and all the problems.

When you go to private treaty you can deal with the problems as they come up and you can talk to the real estate agent as I did about what was a fair price to manage and what they felt the market could bare.