Hi, I’m David and we’ve just sold our property through Ozway Realty and it’s been a very simple process.

This is the third place we’ve sold now and certainly it’s been the best experience we’ve had so far.

It makes a big difference who you choose it turns out.

Not all real estate agents are the same so I think the most telling difference was just how effortless it was on our part and there really wasn’t a lot of stress.  I know it has always been stressful in the past and here we set all the expectations beforehand, we knew what we wanted and in three weeks the house was sold for the price we wanted.

It doesn’t get better than that!

Interviewer: Well you have pretty much answer all the questions I was going to ask.  What would you say were the two or three main benefits you saw with Ozway as opposed to what other agents offered.

David: So the main benefits that we saw were:

First of all, that they were very targeted about getting the right people to look at the property, rather than just getting hundreds  of people through and hoping that somewhere in that collection there would be the right people, they actually found the right people.  So the fact that rather than just advertising and having people walk through, the pre-qualifying of all the people who were prospective purchases made the difference.

The other difference we saw is that at Ozway they pushed for the very edge, the top end of the price we were looking for and for a lot of agents it doesn’t really matter to them at the end of the day whether they get that extra $20,000 because in terms of their commission that’s not really much, but for us the vendor, that $20,000 is the difference for the agents fee being covered.

So pushing for that final $10k or $20k made a huge difference to us.

I would recommend Ozway Realty, they weren’t pushy, pushy, they really were friendly and they listened to what we had to say and they didn’t want to push us into the way that they wanted to sell it.

We have been pushed in the past to go down the route of an auction, things like that.

It was the way we wanted to sell it and I think that made a big difference to us and that’s why we would recommend them to our friends and family.