Ozway empowers you to do what you do best…list and sell property!

Focus on your business, build relationships, help buyers and sellers reach their dreams and let Ozway take care of the back end for you with everything you expect from a real estate office.


Our membership also includes access to:

+ Realestate.com.au,

+ Domain.com.au,

+ RP-Data or PriceFinder;

+ Reception and secretarial services;

+ Advertising management;

+ Hosting your property listings;

+ Managing marketing,

+ Trust account management,

+ Compliance staff and everything you need to deliver a premium service.

In most real estate models, agents are committed to multiple sales per month,
with unfair commission structures while building someone else’s business, the incentives don’t make sense!

With Ozway you’ll experience personal support with a dedicated team to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. AND YOU WILL BE BUILDING YOUR OWN BRAND.

Essentially we help FREE up your time so you can make more sales and enjoy a balanced life.

For example

Say you sold 40 properties resulting in $500,000 gross commissions.

Powered by Ozway, you’d bank over $445,000 and most importantly spend more time with family and friends.

Under other models, you would get around $200,000 for yourself and then you’d have to pay tax.

Starting your own business you’d need to manage staff then pay the monthly subscriptions on top of franchise or membership fees!

Over a 10 year period, you would save an additional $2.5 million more with Ozway, be building your own brand and you’d be building substantial wealth.

You don’t have to build someone else’s wealth, now you can feel empowered and reach your dreams.

Contact us now and Make it yours.