The price real estate agents tell the seller is not the same price they tell the buyers.

Remember, the Agent needs your business and many will promise a high price to make sure they get it. Then, they will tell the buyers a lower price to get people through the door.

Usually, the real estate agent will come to you a couple of weeks later and say “the market is saying it’s not worth what we were hoping for”. In fact this is not true market feedback it’s what the agent told the market to say.

Now if a real estate agent is selling many properties in your local area, it makes sense that these agents should be able to provide the most accurate property value estimations but most of the time these “local area specialists” are wrong on the HIGH or optimistic side when speaking with home sellers to win their business.

This is no coincidence.

Real estate agents are taught to do this by trainers often engaged by the agency or franchise owner. Agency owners and franchise owners want high turnover because this increases their revenues unfortunately at the cost of the home sellers.

Convincing a property seller to take $30,000 less only costs the agent $600 and makes a sale easier and faster for the agent.


After an agent tells you how much they think you might sell for ask them what price they’ll tell the buyers.

At Ozway, the price we tell you is the price we tell the buyers. We believe in complete transparency, and that you will get a better price for your property with the truth.

If you are a real estate agent and want to join a new and innovative team that is revolutionizing the real estate industry, then we would encourage you to find out how we can help you list and sell real estate with the TRUTH.

Yes, you read right. We have a new method of sale called “The Ozway” and it helps buyers buy and seller sell with the TRUTH.

Plus real estate agents can enjoy more & better relationships with both buyers and sellers.

It’s about the TRUTH, it’s The Ozway…It’s a better way to sell.