Hi, I’m Anthony.

What we found with the previous agents that we dealt with in the past, they just had open for inspections, there was no pre-qualifying of any buyers, people would come through, we wouldn’t know who was coming through, if they were tire-kickers or really interested parties.

So we went through a large process with the first agency, [with] many many hours of preparing the unit for the opens. At the end of the open for inspection we’d have no luck, no feedback, and we ended up spending about $6000 on the campaign with no results and as we spoke about before, no real offers.


It was so different. We knew when we got a call that there was going to be an open that day, they gave me a list, they said this is what we’re going to have – we’re going to have people coming through who are ready to buy if they like what they see – and it was a very very different way of approaching the whole sales campaign.

After the open for inspection I would get a phone call straight away, to give a run down [of] who saw it, what they thought, what the comments were, you know, what other properties they were looking at.

So really from our perspective throughout the campaign, we knew exactly where we stood really throughout the whole process, getting to the end when the offers were coming through, and the management of the offers was very very professional, down to the end.

At the end it’s all about finishing and closing the deal.

Barry: Did you get any offers from the previous agent that you had it with?

Yeah we did, I mean we had – that was the other thing. We had nothing on paper, so you know, he threw some numbers out at us, but nothing was in the vicinity in which we wanted. So I just kept saying “Listen, not interested, not interested, not interested”.

Barry: What would you say the two or three main differences that you didn’t see other agents offering in the marketplace, Anthony?

Ok, I think firstly the way the property is presented on the internet. So firstly for me, that was I think when I went through the presentation initially and saw the way it was presented with some other examples, that’s what really drew me in. Because the whole idea of capturing the details of any prospective purchaser was quite intriguing to me in terms of then you can have a conversation. Because all the other properties, all the information is there and you don’t know who’s looking at your property.


They give enough information where it brings a potential purchaser in but then allows the agent to then to have the discussion and really give them the opportunity to sell the property. Which to me is so much more of a stronger selling point than just having all the information on the internet and people look at it, and it may be the right property for them but they just glance at it and move on.

So this is definitely a way to have a web that captures all potential purchasers.

And again, a better return on investment for us.