Bob: Hi, this is Bob and Veronica Everette, and we’ve just sold our property at 34 Liddle St, St Marys, through Ozway.

I guess when I sold my parents property it wasn’t the best experience. I felt that the real estate agents were more on the buyers side than the sellers side, which I didn’t appreciate very much.

Well as I say I’ve had two experiences – the first one I was very disappointed in. This one, I don’t think it could have been done any better. There was a couple of difficulties, but that wasn’t ours or Ozway’s fault, but they were worked through very professionally and very quickly.

Tracy has really looked after us and put herself out at times to suit ourselves and the potential buyers. It’s been much appreciated.

Well we were offered the BuyerMAX program, and that seemed to be – worked very well, it consolidated the buyers. Lots of people coming through. I think the program has maximised the opportunities here and yeah, it seemed to work very well.

Veronica: And it wasn’t offered with the other agent.

Tracy: So you’re happy with the price you got in the end?

Bob: Yeah very happy, yeah. It was certainly well within the range that we were looking at. Well done, thank you!


Tracey Hotchkiss
Principal of Ozway Realty Tracey Hotchkiss
Servicing St Marys, Penrith and Surrounding Areas
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