A Sydney based real estate agency, Ozway Realty, has introduced a trademark protected selling strategy gaining astounding results for vendors.

Neither auction nor private treaty, The Ozway strategy has been achieving sale prices 7.36% better on average than the “best price” offered by other agents buyers on the same property when they used the traditional selling strategies. This comparison has been done on the last (not best) 15 properties that were exposed to the market and where the vendors were provided with an offer but did not take it.

It’s also important to note that this comparison was done on property previously exposed to the market making it harder to sell because many buyers have already seen it and start wondering if something is wrong with it.

On every $1,000,000 worth of property, this translates to $73,300 additional in the vendor’s pocket.

The improvement range has been between 3.28% and 18.06% which on a typical $800,000 property represents between $26,240 and $144,480 more in the vendor’s pocket.

The selling strategy has proved so successful that the agency has trademarked it as The Ozway™ and changed its name from Oz Combined Realty to Ozway Realty in order to emphasize that there is a different way of selling property.

The results have proven a 93.75% sold success rate of sale after other companies tried Auction or Typical Private treaty.

Ozway Co-Founder and Principal, Barry Liddle, says results have proven that their clients – Get More, Spend Less and Save Time and there are many clients who testify to this on video on our website. You can view the video’s at

Plus, it is transparent for everyone involved, seller, buyer and agent. This is how Aussies like doing business.

The Ozway strategy of sale is not auction and it’s not private treaty either. It’s a mixture of the best from both with back end software and systems in place that leverage Ozway’s position on behalf of the seller and allow the agency to attract, service and stay in touch with more buyers.

“In every instance where we have a previous best offer (from another agent) we have been able to improve on that offer using the Ozway strategy of selling,” Barry said to explain the comparison: When someone tries to sell using typical Auction or Private Treaty and they get an offer or two a typical agent will encourage the seller to take it – perhaps saying ‘this is the best price’ or ‘this is what the market will bear’ However when the seller does not take the offer and moves over to the Ozway selling strategy, the agency measures the final selling price it achieved against the previous best offer.

The table above does not “cherry pick” best sales. It uses the last 10 sales where an Ozway client had an offer put forward by a prior agent. This data shows The Ozway strategy of selling has achieved 7.36% more on average for property sales when compared to the best offers recommended by other agents for the same property.

The agency has been consistently beating the offers produced in the local area by leading agents.

Barry Liddle said that Ozway’s comparative table revealed that for many vendors the biggest cost when selling their property is not commission or advertising, but underselling.

“We are also faster at getting the best buyer over the line for you. Our average days on the market is 16.08.