Hello I am Chris and we just sold our property The Ozway…

Our house is at Strathfield, I guess this is the first time we had sold a home of ours (one we lived in) so we were unsure how long it would take but we knew the first couple of weeks were really, really important.

Selling the Ozway and the way Barry did it for us, we made sure we made the most of the first two weeks and got as many people through and interested in that really important period.

The price which we got for the property was about 2% above Barry’s highest perception of what he thought he would sell it for which was obviously the best possible outcome.

In the past we’ve sold properties that were just rental properties for us. It’s been drawn out and a little smoke and mirrors involved.

I guess one of the big reasons we went with The Ozway  was because everything was in black and white before we even started the campaign. And we also loved the fact that we had a lot of input into exactly how we wanted the campaign to go and that certainly helped us go with the Ozway and we are really glad that we did.