As a BDM for the newest business model for Successful Real Estate Agents I meet with agents on a daily bases and I am constantly surprised by the commissions they are comfortable taking home.

So many agents are working very hard to be on top of their game, generating their own leads to get the results they want but are not getting the financial rewards.

For example; a young talented guy I met last week, 2 yrs with a small unknown agency, 5 yrs in RE, wrote $460,000 from 47 settlements last year, great work right? A few of these leads he was given by the agency but not many at all. He was on a debit/credit structure, comm only wasn’t an option, he took home $140.000, less than 1/3 of what he made.

So effectively he is paying $320,000 for admin & support, wow that’s expensive.

In the Ozway Membership, he would have kept just over $390,000, well over double his current agency structure, huge result!