In the past 18 months Ozway Realty have sold many properties in and around the Surry Hills area.

Sellers walk away feeling very happy as they are getting more than they were promised from other real estate agents, they are spending far less on advertising costs, and the turn around time is less due to the unique way of selling…The Ozway method of selling.

The Ozway is not Auction or Typical Private Treaty.

There have been many properties that other real estate agents were trying to sell, and The Ozway has been helping these home sellers achieve on average 8.35% more than the other estate agent’s highest offers.

Do you think you need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising in todays market to find a buyer?… Or are some agents you’ve already spoken with suggesting you spend thousands to find a buyer? Expensive real estate advertising to find buyers is an urban myth that real estate agents have conned sellers into believing for a long time.

If this is true then why did a recent report, The Residential Consumer Property Seeker Report Nov 2012 say that 86% of people use online as their main tool to search for property to buy. To back this up, The Ozway method of sale is predominantly using the Internet and helping people who first tried the expensive advertising approach ($6,500 on average wasted) to achieve offers and selling prices of 7.36% more on average.

Wouldn’t you rather keep your hard earned money (often thousands of dollars) in your pocket than handing it out to real estate agents? Newspaper advertising is a mass advertising tool that has limited success for the sale of your property, but is very successful for the real estate agency in advertising their Brand. Real estate agents benefit from free advertising thanks to your generous investment in their business.

Many people who try to sell before speaking with Ozway Realty have felt very disappointed and discouraged with other real estate agents around Surry Hills. After re-evaluating their options, some of these property sellers came up with a short list of real estate agents they believed had a good reputation, lots of experience selling property in Surry Hills, and who could help them achieve the best financial and stress free outcome. Ozway Realty real estate agency are mostly chosen when they are called in for selling advice.

After interviewing on average of three Surry Hills real estate agents many sellers were shocked by the disparity in valuations provided by the three agents. Interestingly, ozway Realty when called in for selling advice provided the most accurate valuation in line with the market’s thoughts on pricing.

The other real estate agents also didn’t spend much time explaining their strategy for selling the property, which left the sellers feeling uneasy. But when ozway Realty explained how The Ozway method of selling property worked they were most impressed and had a strong gut feeling that this was the selling approach they felt the most comfortable with.

In the end the sellers chose ozway Realty as the real estate agents to sell their Surry Hills property because of the straightforward and transparent advice provided coupled with the unique selling approach.

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