The agent that I actually went with initially, with them they said that I could get, you know, about $150,000 to $200,000 more than it actually sold for, and I knew that was a bit unrealistic, but they tried every tactic for me to try and actually bring down that price, you know, by another $50,000. “Oh let’s get more people here, if we reduce the price we can get more people in.”

The appraisals that agents were giving, you know, they’d give you a really high price and they’d come down, and everyone knows that that’s what they do. So, you know one of the agents quoted about 30-40 percent more than what I knew that I could get from the market. Other agents, you know said 20-30 percent more.

You know I didn’t have to spend $6,000 or $7,000 dollars on marketing.

With Ozway, I literally spent about $878 – literally. That’s all I spent for marketing. And he marketed my property exactly the way I wanted it. Within two weeks we were getting people in the house, you know, much much better than what the other agent did in three months, and we sold the house I think – what was it? Within about four or five weeks.

He had a number of people that bid for the house which means I got the price that I wanted. But it wasn’t just the price, it was talking to the actual buyers themselves, to find out what sort of settlement time, because I wanted a fast settlement time, and the price and everything else that goes with it, to negotiate something that works for me and works for the buyer, and that way everyone ends up happy. So at the end of the day – today’s a great day, we’re going to be settling today, so thank you, cheers.

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