Hi, I’m Lauren Brant, and I’m actually from Hi-5, which some of you might know.

I had the pleasure of working with Barry in selling my apartment. I sort of just put it out there to see what the interest was, not expecting to get the price I wanted, and within a week, I actually had a pretty high offer. I was a bit cheeky and said, “Hey Barry can you please just keep it on the market for maybe another couple of weeks.” By the next weekend I had signed a contract for the highest amount that I had actually asked for in advertising my place, which I didn’t think I’d get.

And Barry made it completely easy to get all the contracts signed, get everything worked out. The clients that bought the place as well as myself were extremely happy with him. So he’s my good mate Bazza now!

And I would highly recommend Barry to sell anyone’s property, even if you don’t know if you want to sell or not. Just to see what the interest is out there. He does a great job. Completely takes all of the work out of your hands, and makes everything extremely easy to deal with.

So I recommend Ozway Realty, and Barry!