Hi, my name’s Kevin Francis, and I’ve just sold the Ozway with Ozway Realty.

This area was not an area where I thought they had a lot of experience. So I did have some reservations initially when I spoke to Barry – whether or not they had adequate coverage in the Waverton area. And as i said, look I knew Barry, I trusted him, and so decided to go ahead, and what can I say I’m very glad I did.

They take a different approach from what I can see from what the other agents do. A generally all round more sophisticated approach to stay in touch with buyers, to know what buyers are looking for, and to very very quickly get in touch and alert people which are genuinely going to be interested in the property.

So by knowing what buyers are looking for and creating that database of contacts, very quickly the Ozway guys can bring in a lot of potential buyers and create you know, a very competitive market for the property, which results in a better overall result.

Overall well over 100 people asked for information about the property, you know, in under a week. I mean, that’s to me evidence that they really can generate the interest from genuine buyers, and the proof of the effectiveness is in the result that was achieved. Like I said, very happy with the price. I mean it was at the top end of what we were looking for.



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