This one’s not so much ‘dirty’ as it is ‘lazy’. Giving away all the information (including street address, floor plans, and inspection times) means the agent doesn’t have to work too hard.

The real estate agent just turns up on the day and hope’s an interested buyer is there.

Some buyers decide they don’t like a property without actually seeing it and the agent will never know regardless how good their intentions.

At Ozway, our unique Ozway marketing approach means we have to do a lot more work before inspections take place.

All prospective buyers must contact us for specific property details meaning we have more genuine buyers to speak with which allows us to help them find their perfect property easier and also provides our home sellers with additional qualified buyers.

Our home sellers have a better chance of selling for more because more qualified buyers coupled with our personal approach adds value to the goodwill of any negotiations!

We believe in complete transparency, and that you will get a better price for your property with the truth.