Public open houses are designed for the Agent’s convenience to handle more sales campaigns. They’re not designed for the convenience of genuine buyers or to help sellers sell for the highest price. It’s a hope, pray and luck approach.

• Agents don’t know who is coming or who is qualified to buy your home.

• You might get a lot of groups through and agents use high numbers to build a case to reduce the sellers reserve.

• Agents want to meet future home sellers and public opens are the easiest way for agents to do this.

• Sure the agent wants to find a buyer who’ll make an offer you’ll take but ultimately your selling price is compromised to help the agent get their commission easier and faster so they can move on to the next deal found at your open.

At Ozway, we create additional genuine buyer enquiries using our unique Ozway inspection method. It’s a scientifically proven approach that produces more real buyer competition through Inspections at the usual open times.

Your buyers are pre-qualified which gives them a more personal service and allows us to build a relationship that adds value to the goodwill of any negotiations and gives you a better chance of selling for the price you want.

We believe in complete transparency, and that you will get a better price for your property with the truth.