People usually refinance their home loans for one of three main reasons.

1.    They are looking for cheaper home loan interest rates.

2.    They have sold and now bought a new home and they need to refinance their home loan.

3.    They want to purchase an investment property.

ozway Realty are offering free and easy access to an online home loan calculator so you can compare the best home loan rates offered by a multitude of home loan lenders in the market.

This service is called Rates Direct and is a home loan rates comparison service that connects consumers to home lenders. These home loan lenders can provide competitive home loan mortgage rates to save people thousands of dollars in home loan repayments over the term of a loan. This Rates Direct service also allows home loan lenders to compete for home mortgage business.

The home lenders range from the major banks to second tier home lenders. Please have a look at the comprehensive list of lenders that provides very competitive interest rates on mortgages.

The types of home loans offered include variable home loans, fixed home loans, equity loans, etc and combinations of these depending on your home loan requirements.

To apply for home loan refinance, simply complete the enquiry form by entering your required loan amount, repayment frequency, home loan repayment type, the loan term and your current interest rate, if applicable.

Review the displayed loans and select “Enquiry” for your preferred loan. The home lender you have selected will contact you within 24 hours, free of charge, no obligations. The lender will then organise a suitable time to discuss your mortgage refinancing options with you, and if you’re happy with what you hear, they will take care of all the details.