Rod Ibbett

Central Coast real estate agent Rod Ibbett has no qualms about the 19 agents, most of them franchise operators, against whom he competes. Rod is quietly confident of reaching his five-year goal of 20% market share.

Rod, who moved from insurance industry consultancy work to real estate just six years ago, says his confidence is founded on the success he has enjoyed in just five months since opening his own Ozway agency in Wyong.

I’m already making three times the money I was previously, despite being the new player unknown to most prospects, he said.

Recently I earned $35,000 from three sales. Had I still been with a franchise I would not have hit target and would only have received my retainer of $8000-$9000 so the financial benefits are just huge

Rod believes that his opportunities for success will be based on the fact that Ozway has taken all of the time consuming back office work off his plate, along with a lot of the costs such as the subscription charges for the various real estate domains and research entities.

This not only saves him money, but frees his time to do what he does best, get out into the community and sell real estate.

Being with Ozway Realty, has given me more incentive to work harder as I benefit from the huge financial rewards. I work my own hours, I make my own decisions on when and where I work.
And I’m not tied down with worries about artwork design, logos, trust account management, website management, for sale signs and directional signs and business cards etc. That’s all done for me.

As a result, I now have an opportunity to grow the team and make a greater income.

Admitting he is by nature, cautious, Rod said he spent a lot of time with the Ozway principals, doing his due diligence and re-assuring himself of their credentials and experience before he made the move.

But when he did make the decision, he said that the transition was smooth and it immediately became apparent that while he was free to make his own decisions unencumbered, it was great having a wealth of experience to fall back on.

Rod has already started his growth. He has already employed his first salesman, taking a step towards his short terms goal of a sales staff of 4-6, eventually growing to 10 in five years by which time he will also have a dedicated property management division.

A lateral thinker, he has turned his new boy status to his advantage, using the query as an excuse to show prospective clients the Ozway Sydney web site and underscoring that this association meant properties for sale on the Central Coast would be exposed to Sydney buyers by a top flight, industry leading sales team.

Asked if he would recommend Ozway, Rod was unequivocal.

If you truly believe you have a good work ethic, you are success driven and you want to be rewarded extremely well for your efforts, I would say it all starts with a simple phone call.

Why would you want to remain working for others who get most of the financial benefit?

If you know how to prospect, list and sell property, that’s all you need to know to earn a healthy six figure salary.

To give you further insight into Rod’s thoughts on his experience please visit the video below and you can watch Rod Ibbett as he shares the reasons why he left the franchise system for 
Ozway Realty.



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