Do you own an apartment in Bondi Junction and are you considering selling this property?

Whether you are a homeowner or have an investment property in Bondi Junction, real estate in this area is always in demand.

The target market for new real estate in Bondi Junction is retirees or empty nesters; young married couples with no children and single people.

More and more people are gravitating to and are looking to buy or rent property in Bondi Junction because of the convenience and close proximity to everything that is so accessible by foot, bus or train.

Apartment buildings in Bondi Junction are constantly being built because of the following reasons:

–    it is a large commercial and retail hub,
–    it has one of the largest Westfield’s in the southern hemisphere which is a huge draw card,
–    it has a large bus and train interchange, and
–    to cater for a growing population constantly migrating to the area.

Some of the more popular apartment blocks in Bondi Junction include:

–    Tiffany Apartments, located at 95-97 Grafton St,
–    The Stanford, 1 Hollywood Ave,
–    Parksun Apartments, 8 Spring St,
–    Trevillion, 17-23 Newland St,
–    Eclipse Apartments, 1 Adelaide St,
–    Eastgate Complex located at 71-73 Spring St,
–    The Oscar on Hollywood, 2a Hollywood Ave, and
–    The Forum, 310 -330 Oxford St

Putting your home up for sale in Bondi Junction will always get you a good return on your investment. Real estate in Bondi Junction is growing exponentially because of the big demand for property in this area.

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