Are you a dedicated and hard working real estate agent on commission who is unhappy with your current commission split?

Real estate agents who work for traditional real estate offices and or franchises usually have to give a higher percentage of their commission to the real estate agent they are employed with and in many cases the commission split is not fair for the sales agent or contractor who is doing most of the hard work!Signing a new listing with happy clients

Do you feel that you work tirelessly day in, day out and you are just making your employer richer without reaping a FAIR benefit for your part of the hard labour?

Don’t you deserve a higher commission percentage as a real estate agent doing most of the skilled workload?

Sure, your franchise and principal may provide you with a name and a desk plus a bit of support but how much are they taxing from your hard earned personal efforts?

Are you finding that most people list with you because of you and your ability to get on with the prospective home seller or do you think the brand name is getting you the business?

In addition to a higher real estate agent commission split wouldn’t you like to have most, if not all of the administration and marketing taken care of for you so you can just focus on building more relationships with home sellers and making more sales to grow your business and retain the maximum commission split for your efforts?

Happy and fairly rewarded real estate agent Ozway Realty offers real estate agents who are suited for this opportunity, to join a dynamic real estate agency (TEAM) that is already growing throughout NSW. We provide the best support service and highest commission split for the listing and sales agent regardless if you are licensed or only hold a certificate of registration.

Our current leadership team has combined real estate experience of over 37 years but it’s our extensive time and high capital investment over the past 4 years that has taught us what works and what doesn’t work in the real estate sales industry. As a result we have revamped the typical real estate sales model to ensure our clients get more for their money in the least possible time using “The Ozway” sales method that has had so much success in the marketplace.

You can Click Here to hear what our home seller clients are saying about us and why they are choosing to sell with us over our “Higher Profile” competitors.

We are offering the best real estate agent commission rates in Australia. We also differentiate ourselves by offering real estate agents the following:Real Estate Agent Receptionist

+    State of the art infrastructure,

+    A dedicated real estate marketing team,

+    A fantastic administration support team,

+    Ongoing sales training to help you grow your business

+    Access to existing contacts,

+    Leads given to you as the principal prefers help you list more

+    Points of difference that truly benefit home sellers and help you win business

+    A TRUE team environment that encourages agents to work together for the benefit of buyers and home sellers

+    The ability to grow your own business within the business when you are ready.

You don’t have to bring your current support team with you (if you have a team) as we provide all of the marketing and administration support you need. In saying that, if you have a team that can help with booking in and showing buyers this will help you perform even higher sales numbers with a much more quality and personal service.

All real estate agents will operate under the Ozway Realty brand name. We do all the company branding and advertising and all you have to do is speak to warm prospects to increase your sales and real estate agent commission.


Review the video about what Ozway offers agents and how you can improve your Keep Percentage (KP).