Hello my name is Alan Keyes, I am the owner of 53 Flood Street and we have recently sold this property through Ozway Realty.

Our previous agents, who shall not be named but there a very large well known brand on the market, managed to achieve an offer for us of $1,500,000 which we refused, which wasn’t enough.

Ozway Realty managed to realise a price for us of $1,640,000 and a very short settlement time.

Their straight forward attitude and honesty, was very much appreciated as previously we’d been with another agent who had recommended that we put it on the market for an expected price of $1.6m to $1.8m.

The reality of it was when they were speaking to buyers they were saying high $1.3m to 1.4m’s.
Consequently that gap would never be filled.

So, they were lying basically and on top of that we had a very expensive marketing campaign.
We felt very burnt and violated by this.

They are a large very well known company within Sydney and they came in with  all guns blazing, with absolute confidence that we would be able to achieve the price of between $1.6m and $1.8m.  The reality of it is that they were saying a completely different figure with a differential of 500 thousand.  So they were saying high $1.3m’s to $1.4m’s to the buyers.

Barry:  Did they tell you they were going to suggest that ?

Alan:  No. We had said to them on no uncertain terms that we had to sell the property for $1.65m, otherwise we wouldn’t sell, but the reality of it was they were going back and speaking to the buyers and saying high $1.3m to $1.4m’s.

Barry:  so what happened when you confronted them about this and you found out?

Alan:  they denied it.

Luckily we actually had an email to prove otherwise, so we sacked them on the spot.

So, we lost nearly two and a half months of selling time and Ozway Realty had a very, very hard job to sell the property after that because buyers that were previously interested that were told $1.4m, were then, Ozway Realty had to say, no, the reality of the price is much higher, but they managed to achieve it for us so we’re very happy.

Barry:  What about other people, if they’re not sure who to go with, or they are trying to decide who to sell with and they see these well known agents out here or they see Ozway.  We don’t seemingly have a big market share or anything, why should they speak to us about selling their property Alan?

Alan:  They should speak to Ozway Realty because they are honest and they say it the way it is and they really do have your interests at heart.  So, rather than achieving a quick sale, which a lot of big agents do, because for them the difference between 100k – 200k when were selling to them is very little in commission. But it makes a huge difference to us the people who are selling the property.

I thoroughly recommend Ozway Realty for their honesty, and straight forward approach and it certainly came up trumps with us.