Hi, I’m Marie Barclay from Ozway Realty and I’d like to introduce you to our first clients – Steven and Emma Guymer. We sold their property at 2140 Putty Rd in Colo, so they are also our first sale.

So Steve and Emma, can you tell us how many properties have you previously sold?

E: One.

S: Before this one.

M: Yep. What have your previous buying or selling experiences been like with other real estate agents?

E: I’d have to say we only dealt with a few real estate agents when we first put our place on the market about five years ago. And it wasn’t that good.

M: So what would you say to others about your experience with Ozway?

E: Wonderful!

M: In terms you know, from the time that we first signed you up to the time that we launched the property?

E: Yep, it took, I think it was maybe a week, and then we were signed up and it was sold within one day.

S: We were happy with it. And that whole process seemed quite natural, and it was a good –

E: A good feeling.

S: Yeah it was a good feeling.

M: That’s good. So in your opinion why would you suggest others should sell with Ozway Realty?

S: Integrity, honesty.

E: Personality.

M: Yep?

E: Yep.

S: Good personality.

M: Mine, not Chris’s? (laugh)

S: Both.

M: And what would you say to a friend or family member that was thinking of selling their home?

E: Would definitely say to give you guys a ring – Ozway.

S: Yep, just see what you think, see if you’re happy with the personal approach that we were.

M: And what are the two or three main benefits that Ozway offer that you didn’t see other agents offering?

S: Ah, just the comprehensive research.

E: That was really good because another agent, they didn’t do any research for the area. We got more than we hoped for in the price.

M: Yep, ’cause you were told I think you said that you would only achieve around the 550 mark, 570?

E: Yeah, 550 to 620.

M: Yeah that was the range, and we actually achieved a lot more than that, which is great. So why was Ozway worth their selling fee?

E: Because they sold it! (laughs) In such a short amount of time – it was amazing, it was unbelievable.

S: Good communication. Yep, good communication, and yeah I think that we’d certainly use you again if we had to sell a property or if you had a property that we were interested in buying. We’d trust what you were –

M: Recommending, yeah. Alright did you guys have anything else to say?

E: Just that we’re really really happy, we couldn’t believe that we got the price we did, and so quickly. So quickly.

S: Good friendly service.

E: Wonderful team.

M: (laughs) Excellent! Ozway Barclay.

E: (laughs) Barclay!

S: Enthusiastic.

E: Definitely enthusiastic.

M: Wonderful. And you’ll recommend us to all your friends and family won’t you?

E: Definitely.

M: Excellent. Alright, thanks guys. Thank you!


Marie Barclay
Principal of Ozway Realty Barclay
Servicing Penrith and Nepean Surrounding Areas
0418 103 952