Buying a home can be a very daunting process and it’s likely to be the most expensive and emotional purchase of your life. And as anyone who has bought more than one will tell you – it doesn’t get any easier the second time around! But careful planning and preparation will help you get the keys to your dream home.

Graham Ball, Principal of Graham Ball Estate Agents, powered by Ozway Realty, shared the first of his top tips in a previous article: Pick the right suburb. Here is Graham’s next tip for buying a property.

Graham’s top tip #2. Choose your location carefully.

The old property maxim of ‘location, location, location’ is an eternal truth when it comes to choosing where to purchase real estate. But as you will be making the house you buy your home, it’s also essential that it ticks the boxes for all the things that are important for you and your family.

Graham says the kinds of things to think about include where in a large city like Sydney you would like to put down your roots. His stomping ground is Wetherill Park, in Western Sydney, where he has worked as a real estate agent and raised his family for more two decades.

“Consider access to motorways and public transport, as well as schools, shopping and entertainment and the demographics of the area,” says Graham.

“Wetherill Park and its adjoining suburbs all have great access to the M4 and M7 and there is a lot of public investment confirmed in road, rail and airport infrastructure. Plus, there are great schools and sports clubs and top-class shopping precincts,” he adds.

While these factors all contribute towards making this area great for living in, the easy transport access, plus great amenities, also help to keep residential, commercial and industrial real estate values in Wetherill Park.”

Graham explains there are a lot of great resources online, which will help you narrow down your suburb search. “The website is a fantastic source of information. Just click here to jump to my page and then click on the ‘Buy’ link at the top.”

Some of the suggestions from that Graham highlights include the following:

  • Do some field work to make sure the suburb’s right for you. Walk around the area you’re thinking of buying in. Pretend you’re already living there and see if distances are what they seem, and the atmosphere is living up to expectations.
  • Grab a coffee or a meal in your ‘new’ suburb. Pretend you already live there to get the feel. Of course it will be a little different once you’re moved in, but experiencing it first hand gives you a critically useful taste for the reality of that location.
  • Look closely at what developments or infrastructure is planned around the area in case your quiet corner is about to become a developer’s haven.

“The website describes four main types of suburbs,” says Graham. “These are Inner City, Trendy Urban, Family Friendly and Outer Rural. Use these as a rough guide to figure out which lifestyle suits you best, which will help you hone in on the most suitable suburb to buy your home in.”

Wetherill Park, for example, falls into the Family Friendly category. Having lived in the area for many years and raised his family here, Graham is clearly sold on the area. “Wetherill Park and its surrounding suburbs are a vibrant part of the Western Sydney community,” he says. “It’s a fantastic place to raise kids, do business and enjoy everything that life has to offer.”

Graham and business Director, Rivan Bahno, have a great reputation in Wetherill Park and surrounding Western Sydney suburbs, with many repeat customers. They present houses for sale and also offer rental properties.

Graham will be sharing hit top tip #3 shortly – come back soon to check in.

For anybody looking to buy or sell real estate in Wetherill Park or Fairfield, get in touch with Graham, Director Rivan Bahno, or any of the team. Their office is at Suite 1, 1183 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park. Or you can call them on +61 2 9609 1177 or visit their website