Why are more and more people feeling that their new home is out of reach?

Is it actually out of reach or does the human psyche come into play more than we realise?

I spend a lot of time talking to buyers, and I have noticed a pattern begin to emerge. A lot of buyers now are settling for second best when it comes to purchasing their “forever home” It is almost as if buyers are developing a fear of failure when searching for the home they want. They are creating their own roadblocks.

This is a dangerous mind set to get into.

Every week I see buyers fail like this.

The main fear of failing comes with their fear of disappointment.  They have these nagging questions in their subconscious holding them back.

•    Am I paying too much?

•    Is this really the right home for us?

•    Is my partner going to be right and am I going to look silly?

The feeling that despite your efforts it won’t go to plan.

Too many buyers are searching for the wrong property. They are searching for what they think they want, but in realty it is not what they actually need. This happens because buyers are typically emotional.  If you couple this with the purchase being a large financial decision you have a recipe for a stressful process.  A process which can often lead to disappointment and resentment.

Too many people end up buying their second or third favourite home for a number of reasons:

•    They find their dream home too soon in the process

•    Their offer is too low

•    One of the decision makers drags their feet.

•    They don’t know how to make an offer in the right way

•    They don’t know how to negotiate with the selling agent

•    Their finances are not in place

•    They take advice from wrong people. By the way I have an article coming about this soon.

•    Buyer fatigue – too many weekends doing the rounds

•    They negotiate emotionally or without a focus on a long term view

In some cases after spending months if not years searching for the “right home” these buyers purchase a home out of desperation. Quite simply they are not emotionally fulfilled by the home they bought. This is where you need the right team working with you, advising you and assisting you in the journey.

Wouldn’t you rather a professional deal with these issues on your behalf?

Feel free to call your trusted Ozway advisor for a chat to expand on how to save you time and money, and most importantly address your fear of failure and turn it into success.