At an industry function AgentOPS was pre launched.

It was a sunny afternoon on the bay at Dobroyd Aquatic Club – a venue where they race remote controlled yachts. What a fitting venue for a function launching time saving property listing technology – AgentOPS.img_7713

AgentOPS is a platform soon to be released to market. The platform returns the power of property marketing to the agents. This new technology links agent’s listings with,, as well as AgentOPS allows agents to post their listings in real time and make edits to price changes, property descriptions, pictures and open times. This product will be released to the market in the June quarter 2017.

Barry Liddle, founder of the group took the stage and outlined the leveraged business model. The leveraged business model incorporates four key elements – Brand, Mindset, technology and scalable marketing. Liddle claims the agent is the brand that vendors connect with.

There are many non-performers at large brands suggesting the top performers have something else… This is mindset. “If we think right we feel, if we feel right we take the right actions and get the right results. Over time this builds our levels of trust.img_7858

“What does your business model deliver? Does it generate leads for you or are you doing that work? Is the brand there purely to help with your confidence or does it provide leads for you?” “In this world everything comes with a cost, particularly a brand. Have you asked yourself what am I paying for my brand? Is it 30%, 40% or 50% of your GCI?”

“My view is that you are the brand. It is the agents who do the hard yards and create listing opportunities.” Barry Liddle believes that, as an industry, we need to discover different ways to add value.

Low cost DIY options may gain traction unless the industry improves its service standards. Consumers will fall for these false economies if agents don’t step up their service standards.  Agents can no longer rely on “market price” typically achieved at auction.

“Agents who don’t go that extra bit are letting the industry down and leaving the door open for discount players”.

Negotiating an additional 5% to 10% over market is highly achievable if the agent is focused on creating value. Better systems give the agent time and an edge to perform these value added services”.

Mr Liddle then talked about BuyerMAX, a buyer management platform that automates tasks and communication with buyers to provide a seemingly “high touch” look and feel experience for buyers.img_7836

“BuyerMAX works 24/7 for agents. It answers email requests in the middle of the night. It also sends out brochures automatically to buyers while adding them to your CRM. If no phone number is provided BuyerMAX emails them [did you get everything you wanted?] with the aim of a return email providing a phone number”. This is a great example of leverage from technology”.

Buyer management was talked about as the big sleeper in most agents back yard. BuyerMAX and AgentOPS are designed to help agents engage in technology to leverage their brand and trust in the community.

In addition to great real estate agent business ideas the night also provided tasting of Italian wines. A great night all up … did I mention the smoked Sicilian olives, cold meats and a spread of soft cheeses?