Are you one of these real estate agents who:

– Works 6 days a week?

– Gone before the kids wake and home only just in time to say goodnight?

– Listing 3-5+ properties a month?

– Losing 50% of your GCI to someone who provides you with a desk, phone and brand?

– Tired of your hard earned commissions being delayed because of cashflow issues?

– Building someone else rental book for little reward?

– Getting little support or recognition for your hard work?

Wouldn’t you like to:

+ Work less for more money?

+ Spend more time with your family?

+ Have control of your CGI split?

+ Have control of your overheads?

+ Receive ownership and reward for rentals you source?

Does this sound too good to be true?

Well it is true.

And on top of that you can build a business without the hassle of running the business.

We’re talking about doing what you do but owning the show.

We’re talking about owning the show, but not having to be bogged down in paper work, admin, HR issues, compliance and trust accounting!!!


couple children house investment advisor
couple children house investment advisor

Make 3 sales or 1 sale for the same reward.

Many agents (around 80%) have to find 3 to 5 listings depending on their area and skill to make 2/3 sales.

After deductions these agents are paid and in most cases we have seen, these agents have to make 3 sales for the same bankable remuneration that Ozway members bank, for each sale. This means your brand has to provide you with 3 saleable listings for each saleable listing you find through your own hard work and effort.

Sure a BIG BRAND might provide comfort but does this comfort really equal 300% of a real estate agents production?

We’ve found that successful agents producing 3 or more sales per month have established important professional habits that creates consistency in listings and sales with their following up of prospective clients.

If it was the brand that made an agent successful then any agent could join a certain “shopping list” brand in a particular area and they would get how ever many listings and sales they wanted right? We all know this doesn’t happen.

So why do successful agents working for someone else or with a business within a business so conditioned to believe it’s the brand they need to maintain their success? It’s because of comfort and fear of change.

The facts are those successful agents that have made the switch to Ozway and have continued their success habits have continued their success path of results but the main and very important difference is that these agents are fast tracking their progress towards financial independence.

Why go investing in property or acquiring passive income producing assets that grow at around 7-15% pa when you can first grow your working profitability by 200% to 300%?

Improving your working profitability by 2 to 3 times (example agent goes from $280,000 to $840,000 per year in take home profits) allows you to grow your asset portfolio much faster.

Rather than having $100,000 after tax and living expenses to invest in your future financial independence, how would your options improve and be realized sooner when you have $400,000 to $500,000 to invest each year after tax and living expenses (if you keep your living expenses the same)?

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