Ozway Realty is Australia’s first real estate membership that fully services successful real estate agents. We’re not your traditional agency.

For a start, Ozway is an innovative real estate membership business, we’re not a franchise. We are a collaborative membership organisation, not a hierarchy.

Real estate agents working with Ozway are known as Family Business Members. What that means is that they are their own boss, they’re a member of our collaborative business with a high degree of autonomy.

Ozway members receive a full administration support service which allows them to create better quality relationships with satisfied buyers and sellers.

Our model is based on integrity, transparency and honesty.

The Ozway membership model was created after realising that the hierarchical model of real estate agency just isn’t fair for the successful sales agent.

There had to be a better way.

Too many good agents are surrendering commissions to a franchise/principal that doesn’t provide a fair exchange of value for service, and industry leaders are placing limitations on these good agents.

Ozway provides the back end support to its Family Business Members which allows them to get the best deal for their clients.  When it comes to a sale, Ozway charges its Family Business Members a single, flat fee. The rest of the commission goes straight to the member.

It really is that simple. And it’s totally transparent.

In short, we provide the support that allows our members to take the stress out of buying and selling real estate, and focus on better outcomes for all involved.

What’s not to like?

If you like our vision and believe it’s worth exploring, complete your details below to arrange a confidential chat, so you can empower yourself with the right information to ensure you are giving yourself and your clients the best service.